Parenting Tool Box

Parenting Tool Box

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Here you can find downloadable resources and videos to help you engage with your kids and give insight into what they might be going through.

Toolbox-52-Dinner-Discussio copy52 Family Dinner Discussions – This is a fun way to get kids and parents talking. Sometimes as parents, finding ways to relate to your teen becomes increasingly more challenging. This will give parents a fun way to get their teens talking. This will help parents continue to gain an understanding of their ever-evolving teen.

lunchbox-notesLunch Box Notes – This resource is designed to help you offer a daily note of encouragement to your teenager. We’ll help you get started by giving you a note with a verse for 100 days. You can tweak the note, add what you want to say to it, and give it to your teenager.


Being Heard – As a parent of a teenager, I am sure you have experienced frustration in having even a simple conversation. Getting more than a one- or two-word answer from them seems to be nearly impossible. This resource offers some insight into what’s going on in their head as well as tips on how to connect with your teen.

connecting with your teens through video gamesConnecting With Your Teenager Through Video Games – It’s important to connect with your kids through the things they love. For many kids it might be football, soccer, or gymnastic. For almost every kid, video games are a part of their life. Research has shown that 99% of boys and 94% of girls play video games. This resource will help you understand the possible connection you can have with your kid through video games.

11-Digital-Dangers11 Digital Dangers Hiding in Plain Site – Some of your child’s favorite sites have the potential to be the some of the most dangerous on the internet. Check out this resource to learn what the sites are, what their dangers might be, and what you can do to engage in a dialogue with your child about these sites.

heart-strings-coverHeartstrings (For parents whose kids are learning an instrument) – This ebook will help parents with some tough questions like:

“What happens when it gets hard?”
“What do I do when my kid wants to quit?”
“What do I do when my kid’s friends are getting better, faster?”
“How do I encourage my kid to keep working, to keep practicing, to push through even when he or she feels like giving up?”
“How do I help my kid practice when I don’t know anything about music myself?”

leading-kids-to-christLeading Your Kids to Christ – This short and practical Ebook will help Parents understand the basics of how to talk to their kids about salvation.

what-now-broken-heartWhat Now? How to Respond When Your Teenager Gets Dumped – “What Now” is an ebook for parents whose teenager has gone through a break up. This book will help parents know how to empathize with their teen and know what steps they need to take to walk their teen through their feelings of brokenness. This is such an awkward and difficult time in the life of a teen. This book can be a timely resource to parents whose teen is dealing with a broken heart.

25_tips25 Days of Quickie Parenting Tips – Let’s face it. Parents connecting with their teens and tweens can be difficult at times. Parents are busy and often overwhelmed. This resource is 25 quick and easy ways parents can connect with their kids in a meaningful way.


Each one of these contracts serve as a communication tool to set kids/teenagers and their parent’s up to succeed in some of the major transitions they will go through. Each set comes with a blank copy as well if parents prefer to come up with their own contract.

Parents Guide to the Contract Pack
Kids Cell Phone, (Blank Version)
Teen Cell Phone, (Blank Version)
Kids Home Alone, (Blank Version)
Teen Home Alone, (Blank Version)
Kids Technology, (Blank Version)
Teen Technology, (Blank Version)
Kids Video Game, (Blank Version)
Teen Video Game, (Blank Version)


More resources coming soon…