Parent Ministry

Parent Ministry

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Southlake Baptist Church is here to partner with parents in the spiritual growth and development of their kids and teens. We want to offer multiple resources for parents to intentionally engage in the lives of those God has entrusted to them.
Big Picture (5th-6th grades)
One way we want to help continue the conversation beyond Sunday morning is offering parents the summary of what was preached and/or taught Sunday morning. This can be a huge benefit for dinner times and car rides home when they typically answer the question of what they talked about with an, “I don’t know.” 
It is our hope that as families work together to learn the fifty-two questions and answers found in this catechism, they will increase not only in knowledge, but in the fruit of the Spirit, as they grow to love God with all of their hearts.

Here are some other resources you might find helpful:

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Real World Parents
Focus on the Family
New City Catechism

Sticky Faith, by Kara Powell

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding…(series), by Mark Oestreicher
Opie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, by Walt Mueller
Real World Parents, by Mark Matlock

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