Southlake Baptist has counseling resources for individuals and families in our congregation and community. Many struggle with marital difficulties, problems with their children, stubborn addictions, mental challenges, anxiety and fear, grief and trauma, etc. Counseling is an essential part of our ministry. While our pastors and elders can help with basic problems, we are not equipped to deal with many of the problems that arise and feel that our membership would be better served with a licensed professional counselor.

Our pastors are always ready to meet with you; if necessary, they will refer you to a licensed, professional counselor.  If you need counseling, you would simply set up an appointment with one of our pastors, and if necessary, they will refer you to a counselor.

If you are a member of Southlake Baptist Church or a regular attendee, we will also help underwrite the cost of counseling to make it more affordable based on your economic situation. When we refer you to a counselor, we will refer a 5-session period and then reevaluate the situation based on your status and your counselor’s recommendation.

Here are some potential areas in that a counselor might help you:

• Long-term marital difficulties
• Stubborn habitual sins
• Teens struggling with issues
• Abnormal fears

Click HERE to complete a counseling request form.