Sojourners Bible Study

Sojourners Bible Study

This Bible study is for adults of all ages and it meets at 9:15am in room 106 on Sunday mornings. We work through different books of the Bible, engaging in great dialogue ABOUT the text but always focused ON the text through examination and exploration.

Ever been frustrated and wondered what the point of life is?  What do we gain from our labor, how does anything we do matter? Ecclesiastes looks into these questions and more, and provides answers in sometimes unexpected ways. It is a unique book with a surprisingly critical view of the world that can sound all to familiar to our own thoughts and frustrations.

Each week offers a stand-alone message as we work through the book of Ecclesiastes, the key topics for each week are as follow:

  1. Searching for the Meaning of Life
  2. The Emptiness of Life’s Pursuits
  3. A Time for Everything
  4. The Presence of Sin and the Power of Community
  5. The Fear of God
  6. Wisdom and Foolishness
  7. Life and Death
  8. Conclusion of the Matter

Hope to see you there!

Teacher: Cliff Donnelly
Room: 106