“Oh magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together!”

Worship is a heart response to the Word of God. It can be listening and responding to a sermon, singing a worship song, or a voicing a prayer to God. The congregation is encouraged to be participators in worship, not spectators.

The message that our music and songs communicate is of utmost importance to us. It is vital that the songs accurately reflect the Scriptures. In particular, we hope to express the triune nature of our God as we respond to the gospel of the Son. This is expressed through a variety of instruments, voices and songs, both ancient and modern.”

Our Worship Ministry is an exciting place to learn, lead, and experience worship through music. We have a wide variety of service opportunities for vocalists, instrumentalists, and technical arts. We believe in teaching and training in ministry, so anyone with a desire to be involved in music will be utilized in our services.

Get Involved:

Worship Team – Each Sunday our worship is led by a dedicated team of singers and band members. Our instrumentation typically consists of guitars, piano, bass, and drums. We also routinely feature a choir and special instruments such as violin or cello.

Tech Arts – It takes a lot of technology to make our services great. We have an incredible team of volunteers who help make sure things run smoothly. Our roles include the areas of audio, video screen presentation, and livestream camera production. We also love to have people capture great photos on Sunday morning.

For more information about our worship or how to partner with us and join a team email Travis at travis@southlakebaptist.com.