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Our Re-Entry Plan

Like you, we are so ready to be together again. We have prayed for wisdom and assembled a great team of leaders, parents, and public safety officers to get us going in the right direction. Based on the current climate, here are the thoughts and the best next steps we are addressing.


We want to go slow and steady in order to be safe and thorough

We want to focus our efforts on collective in-person worship and find our best footing there first before launching other church activities (such as Prayer Gathering or Bible studies).

There is not a safe discernible option for in-person Kidz ministry at this point, so we will continue to love and teach Kidz online until that becomes a safe option. That includes Sunday worship. Childcare will not be available at this time – please consider if your child/children will be content in the in-person worship setting, and make the best decision for your family as well as others.

Next Steps:

We are open – Live on Sundays at 10:30am.

Worship gathering will then be both in-person/live and online as it is currently.

There are some limiting variables:
The next re-open phase is projected at 50% capacity of our Worship Center, which is 131 people, However, in order to maintain the 6 ft social distance recommendation, our limit is 85-90 people in the room for live worship. So, we would ask that if you are at-risk, have small children, feel sick, or are simply concerned about safety, please continue to worship with us online.

We will provide an overflow option if we max fill the Worship Center based on 50% (May 24) projections.

Bible studies and prayer gathering will remain online only and live options are tabled until July 5.

Home Groups are at the discretion of the Home Group. We still encourage social distancing if meeting in-person. If you are interested in attending a Home Group, start here and we will connect you.

We want you to feel comfortable and still connected to the body while making the choice for your family. There is no wrong choice for your family and we will continue to offer the best possible version of online worship. If you do want to attend live worship, let us know so we can make in-person and overflow arrangements as much as possible.

Childcare (0-3 yrs) is limited to registration. To check availability, please see the link at the bottom of this section.

We are taking all the necessary precautions to offer a safe in-person worship/fellowship environment.
That includes: training our staff and teams for the safest (and still personal) experience, intentional and industrial cleaning, no greeters, and no touching. The goal is maintaining safe distancing both in the seating arrangements and utilizing extra ingress and egress to and from the worship center to avoid “herding”. If you plan to attend in-person, please know there will be two entrances/exits on the South side of the worship center and one on the North side.

No beverage/food service.

We are taking this one step at a time and will revise quickly as state and local updates occur – when we are freed or required to make necessary changes.

Looking for a church?

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