Church Moving Sale

Church Moving Sale

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The event will be held on Saturday, October 1st from 8:00am to 2:00pm in the Gym.

Donation & Event Instructions


  • All donations will need to be delivered to the church into the designated room between the dates of August 29 – September 23, 2022. Designated room may vary based on size and quantity of items.
  • Event will be held in the SBC gym to ensure no weather disruptions
  • All donations will be priced by the Sale Team (no “minimums” or “returns”). Sale Team volunteers are not responsible for obtaining a specific price for any item on ensuring it’s sale.
  • Any donations remaining at the end of the sale will be donated or hauled off (no returns to owners).
  • All items donated must be in good working order, clean, NOT broken, torn, filthy, etc.
  • Items in multiple parts need to be placed in a clear Ziploc-type bag


  • All clothes must be sorted by men/women (adults), boy/girl (kids) and baby clothes (2T and under)
  • All clothes should be washed and cleaned prior to donation
  • Adult shirts, sweaters, dresses, coats, jackets should be hung on hangers when delivered.
  • Adult jeans/pants can either be on a hanger or folded neatly
  • Kids clothing is optional to be on hangers; baby clothes should be neatly folded
  • Shoes need to have the size clearly noted on bottom of show (write size on sticky note taped to bottom) and should be tied together or attached to one another in some fashion.


  • Furniture should be clean and free of pet hair, crumbs, debris, etc.

Getting ready for the day of sale

  • Clothing racks needed… If you have any you could let us borrow please contact Jan Miliara or Tammy Steele
  • Paper and plastic grocery bags needed
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for partial or all day assistance, sign up sheets located in the Bible Study classrooms, Kids check-in, and Worship Center information desk

Questions? Contact any Ladies Legacy Team member (Jan Miliara, Tammy Steele, Joyce Brasher, Vicki Wilmar, Sandy Bennett, Connie Thomas or Krisha MacLean).