Bible Studies

Bible Studies

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PLEASE NOTE: SOME in-person Bible studies are also on-line and indicated with an asterisk below. All others are held on-line. Get the on-line schedule HERE.

Sunday morning Bible Studies are a great way to grow in your knowledge of Scripture, be in Gospel community together, and stay connected as a family throughout the week.

Preschool (3 – 5 yr olds)
Teacher: Heather Reed
Room: Orange

Early Elementary (K – 1st Grade)
Teacher: Carole Eney & Christina Guzman
Room: Green

Elementary (2nd – 4th Grades)
Teacher: Amy Williamson
Room: Blue

BIG PICTURE (5th & 6th Grades) *
Teachers: Pastor Clay
Room: Purple

Students (7th – 12th Grades)
Teacher: Teaching rotation
Room: A7

Adult Bible Study (all ages but basically 20 to whatever)
Teacher: Cliff Donnelly
Room: Chapel

Generations (ages 70ish and better)*
Teachers: Keith Petty and Bob Stith
Room: A5