Kidz@ Weekly!

Kidz@ Weekly!

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Hey Moms & Dads.

Here’s what we learned today in bible study:

We are in the books of Matthew, Luke and John

Bible Passage: Matthew 1; Luke 3; John 1

Story Point: Jesus’ family line proved He is the Messiah.

Key Passage: John 1:1-2

Big Picture Question: Is Jesus God or a human? As the son of God, Jesus is both fully God and fully human.

Jesus came to earth as a human. Jesus had earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, but His true Father is God. Through Jesus, God kept His promises to Abraham and David. Jesus saves people from their sins and adopts them into God’s family.

As fully God, “the entire fullness of God’s nature dwells bodily in Christ” (Col. 2:9). As fully man, Jesus has a human body, human mind, and human emotions. (See Luke 2:7,52; Matt. 26:38.) He is our sinless representative (2 Cor. 5:21)


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Use the following thoughts and questions to have a spiritual conversation as a family. Don’t emphasize having the right answer, but focus on spending time discussing the Word as a family.

Luke 3:23,38; Romans 5:12-21
Christ came to overcome the destruction of Adam, both in terms of our guilt and our corruption. The condemnation for our guilt must be corrected through what Paul in verse 16 calls justification, our being declared to be legally in a right standing with God. But not only are we declared justified, but our sin-ridden selves are progressively renewed and changed through a process known as sanctification.

• Based on these passages of Scripture, how do we need to reshape our view of sin?
• Has our family ever witnessed or experienced an injustice?
• Why are we thankful that God shows justice to our sin? Why are we thankful that He also extends grace and mercy?
• Are there areas that we still try to earn our own righteousness? How can we surrender that to the Lord?

Have some fun with your family and break out a standard ruler or measuring tape. Take turns measuring your arms, your ears, your smiles, your big toes, and your height. Compare the biggest to the smallest. Use this activity to base a conversation on how none of us measure up to God’s standard of righteousness and how we need His righteousness to cleanse us from all of our sin.

NEXT Sunday

We will be in the Gospel of Luke “John Was Born”