Kidz@ Weekly!

Kidz@ Weekly!

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Hey Moms & Dads.

Here’s what we learned today in bible study:

We are in the book of Malachi

Bible Passage: Malachi

Story Point: Malachi called God’s people to repent to prepare for the Messiah.

Key Passage: 1 Peter 5:10

Big Picture Question: Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything in heaven and on earth.

Family Worship

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Meditate on God’s Word as a Family

Discuss these questions with your kids….

Why do you think the people offered God their sick animals instead of their healthy animals? Point out that we sometimes try to make shortcuts to obey God because we don’t trust Him like we should or we act selfishly. But God wants us to obey Him completely, offering Him our very best. The people were supposed to make a sacrifice to worship God, but they gave Him their leftovers instead of their best. (read 1 Sam. 15:22.) 

What does it mean to sacrifice something? Help kids recall that to sacrifice means offering God our very best of everything. The people in the story were supposed to be making a sacrifice to worship God. Sacrifice expresses love, thanksgiving, or the need for forgiveness; and sacrifice often comes at great cost to ourselves.
(read Ps. 51:16-17.)

What is something you can give to God this week? Encourage the kids to think beyond belongings, such as toys, and to think about sacrificing time or effort. For example, they may give God 10 minutes a day to read the Bible and pray.
(read Rom. 12:1-2.)

NEXT Sunday

We will be in the Gospels Matthew 1; Luke 3; John 1 “From Adam to Jesus”