South Texas Disaster Relief

South Texas Disaster Relief

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Let’s help those is need!

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey was and still is overwhelming. We all have friends and know people who were displaced and are still struggling to rebuild life. We have partnered with friends and local churches in the Houston area to deliver much needed items, including sending a team to help with widespread destruction.

One of the relationships formed from that response was with Juan & Jesse Montaño and their precious family.

Their home was flooded (see pictures below) with dangerous and unsanitary water. Virtually everything was lost. We are going to help them restore what was once and hard earned and faithful home, with materials and another team to help them get back on their feet.

We are also committing to providing Thanksgiving meals and Christmas for this sweet family as well

You can make financial contributions here, which we will share directly and 100% with the Montanas.

Give above and beyond. Let’s go Church!