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Quest exists to equip kids to bring God glory by making disciples of all nations.

Why We Are Here

Our Children’s Ministry exists to equip kids to

  • bring glory to God (VISION)
  • by making disciples (MISSION)
  • of all nations (GOAL)

We desire for kids to have a personal relationship with Jesus that impacts the way they live their life and those around them.

Who Is Quest For?

We have three age groups:

  • 3s & 4s
  • 5s through 1st Grade
  • 2nd through 4th Grade

How We Are Doing It

We’re excited to bring kids along on a great worship adventure we call QUEST. Imagine a kid’s worship experience where they come away with all of the things we desire them to spiritually, and they have a blast doing it. That’s why we’ve designed QUEST in a unique way to help them to do just that. At QUEST, kids will rotate between various experiences each Sunday with the hope that we are fulfilling some specific needs.

We have six guiding principles for Quest

  1. Kids learn the Bible
  2. Kids learn to worship
  3. Kids feel loved by volunteers
  4. Kids have FUN
  5. Volunteers grow in their personal walk
  6. Volunteers are positioned for success

Worship Rally (to bring glory to God) 11140001_10154228548649815_1789553891296001031_n

  • High energy and thoughtful worship
  • Introduce Bible study topic
  • Scripture memory



Kids Sermon (by making disciples)11403031_10154222667159815_1931058239404953305_n

  • Age appropriate Bible story
  • Interactive and visual learning
  • Practical ways for kids to apply God’s Word
  • Practical ways for kids to respond to God’s Word
  • Puppets for younger kids


Missions Engagement (of all nations)11141369_10154228548494815_1614906329152563814_n

  • Teaches importance of missions
  • Fun videos for kids to see missions in action
  • Focus on Texas missions
  • Focus on North American missions
  • Focus on International missions
  • Focus on Historical missionaries

Games or Crafts (reinforcement)11178066_10154228544834815_2080220639037215415_n

  • Fun ways to connect the lesson
  • Energetic games with a purpose
  • Crafts to encourage creativity



What Our Volunteers Are Saying

“Kids are willing to listen to a person who genuinely loves them. When they become an adult, many things that are taught at that young age are recalled. God chooses how and when to build on this. It is putting into an eternal safe deposit box whereas each passing day the deposits value is multiplied.”
David McCracken , Elder and Kid’s Ministry Volunteer

David McCracken

“Serving in the children’s area allows us to see a glimpse into the future. We are blessed to watch and help lay the foundation as God builds his kingdom. We watch the light grow brighter in each child as they learn more and more about Christ. They gain eternal knowledge that will be used for a lifetime to help themselves and others. What joy it is to see a child give his or her life to Christ. Serving kids is such a blessing and so much fun!!!
Jan Miliara, Children’s Ministry Director

 Jan Miliara


How You Can Help

If you feel led to volunteer in one of our many aspects that make Quest a success such as… leading music, teaching the kid’s sermon, leading in games or crafts, sharing about missions, being a group leader who leads kids to each rotation, or even working with technology to make sure our screens show the right stuff… please contact Travis Jenkins or Paula Smith for more info.