On The Move

On The Move

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We are excited about a 2022 relocation in Southlake. We have prayed, planned, negotiated, and determined a potential new home for ministry and worship for Southlake Baptist Church’s future. Now, we would like to share more details and bring you into the process.

As most of you know, our elders have been working behind the scenes for several years to discern a permanent home for our Southlake Baptist Church family. The buildings we are currently in are leased from the Carroll Independent School District, and our lease is scheduled to end in early 2023.

So…WE ARE MOVING in late 2022.

Our new home will be: 2501 W. Southlake Blvd.

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Next Steps:

  • We will need to renovate some portions of the existing property.
  • We are working with a design team, architects, and the city to determine actual updates.
  • We are demolishing a structure on the corner of Brock St. and Southlake Blvd. to improve the sight line of the church.
  • We are updating the Worship Center.
  • We are redesigning the lobby and creating a walkway from the main entrance to the bible study areas – currently the only path is through the Worship Center.
  • We will transfer some and purchase some new A/V equipment.
  • We are looking to create a large gathering space downstairs.
  • We are determining ingress and egress options to improve access to the campus from Southlake Blvd.
  • We are improving some elevations (exterior appearances) of the church with windows and greenery.

Design Proposals:

  • We are adding crosses, adding windows on the front of the existing building to allow more natural light, adding some stone work to beautify and give texture, and updating the current entry (removing some existing copper roofing).
  • Here is the proposed new lobby, including a new walkway from the entrance (NW corner of main building) that leads to the elevator, Kidz Wing, and Bible study areas. The top right shaded area will have walls removed for an open play structure upstairs in the new Kidz Wing.
New lobby concept
  • Here is the proposed new look downstairs in the education building. We are creating a fantastic kitchen area, removing some walls to open the floorplan for a large gathering room. The small shaded area will be the new kitchen / the larger shaded area on the right is where walls will be removed and floor plan opened.
New kitchen concept

Questions and Answers:

  1. Is there a lease cancellation penalty for our current lease?
    Yes. Once we notify the schools district of our intent to cancel, we will have to pay for 12 months of payments. However, we see this as a benefit. This allows us a significant period to transition to the new property.
  1. How does the Worship Center at the Hills Church compare to our current Worship Center?
    It is about twice as big with great sound and lighting equipment.
  1. When exactly is the move happening?
    A definitive date is still TBD. The Hills Church Southlake is completing their new campus renovations in hopes of a final relocation in August. We will then begin our updates as quickly as possible, and we hope to be in by Christmas this year.

  2. What is happening to Mom’s Day Out and the After School Program?
    Mom’s Day Out will make a simple transfer to the New Campus no later that January 2023 but no sooner than September 2022.

    The After School Program will complete the 2021-22 school year in our current gymnasium and then close officially.

  3. Many more questions will be addressed in the months to come.

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Why make this move?

It is Sensible

  • The property is ideal for future ministries of the church. 
  • The size is much more compatible with our current ministries. We currently have a large footprint, and it has a high maintenance cost with a sharp increase of air conditioning maintenance expected in the near future.
  • Our current upkeep and improvement expenses are improving someone else’s property. Whereas, ownership means all investments directly appreciate church property.
  • We have time to transition well based on our current lease and building status.
  • Financial readiness. We have saved a significant amount of money for THIS building fund.

It creates a Sacred space.

  • Our current building somewhat limits how surrounding people perceive our ministry.  It looks and feels like a fixed up old school (which it is). That creates a disconnect for some that we are, in fact, a church.
  • The new site is awesome including: nearly 400 seat capacity for worship, the beauty and elevation of the campus (It is one one of the highest points in the city).
  • With almost 300 parking spaces, we have so much room to impact our city and community with Gospel centered worship experiences and events.

It establishes a Safe place.

  • For older adults: right now our seniors struggle with building navigation from parking to steep stairs to long walks throughout the current campus.
  • There is an elevator for navigating floors.
  • For children: it moves our Kidz ministry closer to adults and our worship gathering, making security more practical and manageable. There will also be a nursing mothers room near the Worship Center.
  • For church stability: safety of ownership.

“My family wants to give!”
GO HERE and select ‘OnTheMove – Building Fund’ from the drop down menu.