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You are important to Southlake Baptist

In an effort to better communicate and minister to you, we want to encourage you to create a profile for our InFellowship  Database.

What is InFellowship?

InFellowship will allow you to create your own personal profile that can be accessed anytime not only by you, but by Southlake Baptist staff, Small Group leaders, and Small Group members. This online Southlake Baptist “community” will allow Small Group leaders and members to better connect and communicate with each other.

What about privacy?

Privacy settings will allow you to determine which pieces of your personal information can be viewed by others within the InFellowship  Online Database.

How do I create a profile?

Creating a profile is easy! Just click on the button below and follow the instructions. And don’t forget to add a photo (head shot) of yourself! NOTE: An e-mail address is required to register.


[button link=”” text=”grey” window=”yes”]Login to Infellowship[/button] [button link=”” text=”grey” window=”yes”]Create Your Account[/button] [button link=”” text=”grey” window=”yes”]How To Setup An Account[/button]