Disciple Making

Disciple Making

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It’s all about LEGACY!

Discipleship is the continued process of loving Jesus. It starts with the knowledge that Jesus loves you, and continues with the experience of obeying Jesus because you love Him. Our heart’s desire is to see leaders in the church claim their God-given legacies of disciple making. God designed the church to be the perfect place for making disciples.

Hear from Christie, a disciple-maker:

As the church makes disciples, it becomes the hope of the world. For that to happen, we have to go back to the example of Jesus and replicate Jesus’ disciple-making model.

Hear from Eugene, a disciple-maker:

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Hear from Jan, a disciple-maker:


To make disciples, we use a phenomenal resource.

The GROW Series

The GROW Series, developed by Craig Etheredge, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church Colleyville and founder of DiscipleFirst, is a 21 week interactive disciple making journey made up of three distinct and transformative books.

We encourage people to walk together in a group of 2-4 individuals to encourage each other, discuss what you learn each week, and share how you are putting it into practice.

The first book in the GROW Series, Walk with God, is a 7-week practical guide to following Christ.  Each week looks at a fundamental truth of how to walk with God. Each week builds upon the previous week, unfolding practical things you can do to draw close to God.

“Reach your World” is the second book in the series. Reach Your World looks at the fundamental truths of how to develop and activate intentional gospel relationships.  Each week builds upon the previous week, laying a foundation for a Christ follower to begin sharing the gospel where they live, learn, work and play.

“Invest in a Few” is the third book in the series. Each week looks at a fundamental truth of how to make disciples who make disciples. It is a LEGACY building principle where the faith, hope, and love we know continues to go and grow!

Finally, hear from Glyn, a disciple-maker:

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