Who’s Your One?

Who’s Your One?

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In 2018, Pastor Clay has unveiled a new vision we believe will be a game changer for Southlake Baptist. This includes a relevant and possible goal for each of us to reach ONE PERSON for Jesus this year by investing, inviting, and including the people in our circles to know and love Jesus the way we do (or want to!).

This isn’t a sermon series. It isn’t a program. It isn’t a campaign. It’s a culture.

A culture we believe is expressly imperative both in scripture and in the example of Jesus.

Our family, friend, neighbor, co-worker, coach, teacher, barista, client…everyone…is waiting for us to either genuinely believe what God says about himself is true or it’s a pretty good story that has no consequence. It starts with us putting aside our assumptions about people and ends with us trusting God enough to choose his plan over ours.

Find your ONE with us. Your move.

Will you pause and pray this now?