21 Days of Prayer – Day 17

21 Days of Prayer – Day 17

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Day 17
Feb. 18, 2020


Matthew 25:14-30

Everything God has entrusted to us must be stewarded faithfully. This includes our time, energy, gifts, and financial resources. The principle here applies to every area. All we have, including our money, is a gift from God and must be stewarded faithfully. Our money, time, and talents are not ours to do with whatever we desire. All of it belongs to God and we must use 100% of it according to His will. We will give an account for how we manage all that He has entrusted to us.

Father, guard my heart from an unwillingness to use my talents for You. Guard me from the love of money. Guard me from unwillingness to give my time. Prevent material possessions from becoming an idol in my life. Give me wisdom to steward everything faithfully

The ON THE MOVE campaign is much more than a fundraising campaign. It demands that each of us steward all we have faithfully. Are you stewarding your time, talents, and treasures faithfully? Do you have a spending plan? Are you disciplined in your spending? Are you avoiding unnecessary debt? Do you think carefully about how to manage all of your earthly wealth for kingdom purposes? What changes do you need to make in order to be a more faithful steward of God’s resources? Today, resolve to be a faithful steward of ALL God has given you.
(Day 18)